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What do you RC?

      Welcome to our website! was created by tech geeks to bring together the tech hobbyist from all the corners of the world. There's probably not a person on this planet who doesn't have some sort of a hobby. Whether it's a recognized traditional one that has been around for centuries, or newly emerging hobby allowed by rapidly developing technology, it brings excitement to our lives, allows us a break from our daily routines and drives us to achieve more. Hobby is simply a pursuit and what it is we are going after is limitless!
          The 21st century is revamping the way we live, see technology and our future. We live in the era of high-tech gadgets and electric devices replacing their old and inefficient predecessors; in the era of pushing the limits of what was only imaginable before; the era of AI and shooting way past stars and into the new way of space exploration. At we believe hobbies should go hand in hand with the new age and provide people all over the world with the chance to engage with the new era technology.
          We are here to share, encourage and grow our tech hobby community. We welcome die-hard hobbyist and enthusiasts, the amazing do-it-yourselvers and tech-gurus! Join us and subscribe for updates and exciting things to come!
And remember, life is better with a hobby!


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